The Social Media M.O.T

 I Say! Digital offer a unique service for sole traders, small businesses and marketing managers who are new to or struggling with social media. Our special Social Media MOT is an affordable audit of your use of social media for driving leads and sales within your business. For a one off fee, we take a look at all of your social media accounts and revamp them where necessary to create more engaging branded profiles and pages. If there is no social media in place in your business, we will get the ball rolling and set you up with everything you need to get social.

Our Social Media MOT looks under the bonnet of your:

social media mot

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Tumblr

We also provide you with an on-going strategy that will improve your social media output well beyond the MOT. And just like a vehicle MOT, we recommend you get your social media serviced at least once a year, particularly as social platforms are constantly evolving and expanding their features. If you can’t wait a year and require ongoing support, we’re here to help with that too for a small monthly fee. Businesses taking advantage of our special Social Media MOTs typically see a 10 – 20% increase in sales immediately.

Buy our Social Media MOT now for just £79, and you’ll also get free access to our weekly SEO and Social Media cheat sheets.



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