Why We Recommend The WordPress Blog Platform

If you want statistics to help you figure out just how ubiquitous WordPress is go here and the stats tell us there are over 50M sites running on WordPress worldwide, including media giants like Techcrunch, CNN and the NFL.

Others using the WordPress blogging CMS platform include the New York Observer, the Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD, the MLB blogs, Lollapalooza and Jay-Z’s Life+Times  lifestyle blog. For a few more examples browse along to the WordPress Showcase site.

CNN's Newsblog uses WordPress

The WordPress CMS is free Open Source software with the support of thousands of programmers worldwide. Yes, free and it rocks too! The number of free and commercial themes, plugins and frameworks available to WordPress starts with around 14,000 free plugins and 1,300 free themes on the official community repository alone.

The software is infinitely customizable with thousands of free (and paid) plugins and themes and you don’t even need to get your hands dirty with any HTML coding. The software enables you to edit your website from any browser from anywhere in the world. No need to fire up your Dreamweaver web design software anymore.

We find WordPress to be infinitely  easier to grasp compared to other content management systems we’ve tried, such as Drupal, Mambo and Joomla , the support network for WordPress dwarves any of those platforms by a mile too.

More recommendations…..

Five Reasons Why WordPress Is The Ideal Platform For Small Business Websites:

Some keywords that keep cropping up when anyones talks about WordPress: Ease of Use, Solid SEO, Intuitive, Reliable, Vastly Extensible, Flexible, Secure, Adaptable, Powerful Social Media Tool and Widespread Support.

If you are interested in how we can make WordPress work for you, your band, store or SME, don’t hesitate to contact us for help using WordPress and we’ll talk you through the options.


Domain Name Tips For New Brands

ISayDigital domain name tips

It may not be something you would be thinking of when naming your new brand but a useful tip if you have yet to decide, is to search Google for instances of your proposed brand. If it’s unique and available then the next stage is to check whether the .com and domain reg is available.

Don’t take it for granted that because Google didn’t find it, that it’s available, many people (like us!) buy domains on a whim after coming up with an idea and either sit on the name or ‘speculate’ (ie: hold on to the name for a while in the hope that it becomes valuable).

Make no mistake, having your own domain name is an essential part of your online branding and with a .com costing around £10 a year, you really have no excuse for not owning one!Owning your own domain name and having your own website adds value to your brand and is also added security for your data (because you own it, not someone else).

It’s also important to choose a keyword rich domain name, to help your search to rise to the top of the search results naturally. If you need help choosing a great domain name and getting it registered, it’s all part of our service.

One crucial bit of advice, keep your hands on control of your domain name at all times. Do not give administrative powers or ownership to a third party. Many a sad story has been told about somebody losing their domain name usually by forgetting to renew (put it on auto!) but also by giving admin powers to some fly-by-night webhost, web designer or angry ex-manager. If someone other than you can get access to your domain DNS you could be asking for trouble, so keep those logins safe!

Terrible Adwords Mistakes

Terrible Adwords mistakes

Check Your Spellings When Writing Copy!

Anyone who knows anything about SEO will know that Google ad words can be a very effective tool for driving traffic to your site. A lot of emphasis on running Google ad words campaigns, for small businesses, is put on budget and return on investment. So for a small business trying to successfully run its own Google ad words campaign, there can be a lot to think about. Almost too much to think about that it can be easy to forget the very basics. We’ll be bringing you some examples of some fatal ad words mistakes for you to laugh, cry and gasp at to help you see that getting help with your Google ad words campaign is always a good idea.

Perhaps campaign managers are actively targeting misspelt keywords, however in the case of the top result on this ad panel relating to legal professionals, it seems that the message the ad portrays could be more damaging to the brand than the ad words campaign might be efficient. We certainly wouldn’t trust a “Solisitor” with our legal affairs….

Google Zeitgeist 2011 is here

Google have compiled a list of the most searched for topics around the world and across each continent, and have named the list Zeitgeist – a German phrase thesocial media coaching literally translates to “Spirit of the Times”

The list shows that Rebecca Black is at the top of the list for the fastest rising global searcg query. This, for some, is pretty depressing. Apple get on the list 3 times with the iPhone 5, Steve Jobs and the iPad2. what can we learn from Google Zeitgeist 2011 ?? It doesn’t have to be good to get attention – it just has to be something that everyone is talking about.

For the UK, Ed Sheeran, Adele and the Royal Wedding were amongst the popular searches for the year. Before 2011, did anyone search for Ed Sheeran?

Globally Google+ was the second fastest rising search query, which just goes to show that whether we like to admit it or not, the whole world is obsessed with social media. If you havent yet explored Google+ and want to get in the know, contact us about our social media coaching and management services.

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