4 Useful Apps to Enhance Images for Social Media

Images are a key part of the success of Digital Marketing Campaigns. Internet users expect posts, websites and online advertising to be visual, quick and easy to understand and to look professional and polished. No one likes a rough, pixelated image or one that looks over saturated. The images you use on your website and marketing campaigns affect the overall impression customers have of your brand. Here are some useful apps that can be used quickly on a Smart Phone to make images look just that little bit more professional.

1. Instagram

No photography app checklist is ever complete without Instagram. And although this photo
enhancement tool does not have the tools needed to adjust or tweak the image, still, it has necessary features to turn out a rather boring image into an exciting work of art. If you are looking for an app that you can use to give your photos an instant flair before hitting share, then Instagram is right for you.

2. Photosynth

Microsoft’s Photosynth is one of the tech giant’s latest and so far, most popular contributions to the mobile world. Its most excellent feature is the panorama-capturing and sharing apps. And what’s even better is that Photosynth can capture a 360-degree image, whether you’re on the horizontal or vertical side. Thus, you can enjoy taking the entire scenery, no matter what point you’re in. This is something that other panoramic photography apps don’t have! Aside from its user-friendly feature, Photosynth also boasts of its blemish-free and flawless results to really wow you.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

PhotoShop’s offering to mobile users, this well-known photo-editing tool has indeed reached out to the mobile users, enabling them to edit, crop, straighten and rotate images, anytime, anywhere and right in your mobile format! Although not as complete and as sophisticated compared to its desktop format, PhotoShop Express also boasts of exposure, saturation and contrast features that will surely transform any drab-looking image into perfect snapshots. It’s also FREE!

4. PicSay

PicSay is a powerful photo enhancement tool that lets you correct color, crop images, add text, whether you want it in word balloons or titles. You can also add special effects, as well as sticker-like graphics. The interface really works so well that it’s really not a hassle to edit photos using PicSay. Available for around $4, this Android app is worth the money since it really erases red-eye and apply more professional effects, including cross-processing and color splashes.

5. FXCamera

FXCamera is another versatile photo-editing tool that works well in almost any format. It boasts of state- of-the-art functions that will make your Android camera really worthwhile. It features a Fisheye setting, Polaroid and SymmetriCam, which lets you show off an upside -down version of your image, right next to the original.

If you’d like advice on the right types of images to use for your social media campaigns, website or banner advertising, I Say! Digital can advise you.

About the authorMarilyn Moreno is a caterer and writer. As a writer, she greatly understands the importance of incorporating visually appealing photos to the articles she wrote. She recommends that you use the following apps to enhance photos. She also writes tips on how to effectively manage catering businesses through the aid of a comprehensive software for catering.

Instagram For Business: Power of the Visual

We’ve recently jumped on the Instagram-wagon (terrible, we know). As well as making us all point our smartphones at our meals or look like tourists in the street, we’ve unlocked some great possibilities when it comes to producing content for clients.

We all know the famous line ‘content is king’; or ‘content is kingmaker’ as Yousaf Sekander recently stated at Brighton SEO. For people to actually follow you, you need to have your content reach them, and to do that you need to encourage those who do follow you in the beginning to spread it around. If you can produce something completely unique that can transcend the field or niche you’re in, you’re onto a winner.

Instagram has a bit of a reputation as being the tool for wannabe photographers who think adding a filter to any old photo makes them trendy. Yes, those people do exist but Instagram also an easy and free way to jazz up an image. It can separate you from the hundreds of images that an individual sees each day. It also feels a bit more personal and the filters can stir feelings of nostalgia which people instantly gravitate towards. Unlike something like a YouTube video which requires you to put in time to consume, a picture is a bite-sized chunk.

I also came across Pinstagram, where you can actually view your photos on a desktop which you can’t do at the moment through Instagram alone. You can also easily upload these to Pinterest. On these kinds of sites, with the right bit of filter-magic, mundane products like door locks, which we take for granted, can be transformed into gothic masterpieces.

So who could Instagram benefit? Well, like Pinterest, those who work in a field whereby their product or service relies on the visual, would benefit largely from a presence here. Those services where the finished product captures an audience and floods them with possibilities in their own life. Interior design or home improvement sites give themselves up to material which can instantly stir a reaction in someone and prompt them to click ‘Like’ and want to share it with others. And as we were taught at Brighton SEO, if you can get in with the right “influencers” to relay your content, you’re onto a winner.

That’s what is so great about social media, especially for business. Many incorrectly view it from the outside as something which teenagers sit on updating each other about what sandwich they’ve just made. YouTube is a social media site or at least is a video-streaming site which has integrated social media aspects into it’s interface so you can follow or subscribe, comment back and forth, create your own profile and more. The active element sometimes gets overshadowed by the passive nature. For businesses, there is a wealth of tools available (and more being made every year) to be utilised and get your message across.

So think about the possibilities for your business to make an impact through a visual form. Words are important in the form of web-copy and article-writing, but there are many other avenues to go down.

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