Radio 1 DJs Complain About New Twitter Interface

Twitter for BusinessChris Moyles and his Radio 1 breakfast show team have made their  thoughts about the new Twitter interface very clear across the airwaves to millions  of listeners. The team have complained about new tabs on their Twitter profiles, lack of highlighted mentions and a confusing Twitter activity tab. It’s not surprising that the Radio 1 team have plenty to say about the changes to Twitter, as their account @ChrisMoylesShow has nearly half a million followers and is used to regularly update fans.

Changes to the social websites that we use for business can be frustrating. Facebook regularly change their features and layouts making some information a lot harder to find and creating a lot of “social noise” that gets in the way of purposeful interactions. It can be a full time job trying to   keep up with all the changes.

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The new Subscribe feature on Facebook – how it can help your business

Facebook users can now “subscribe” to feeds of any Facebook profiles that have this feature enabled. This now means that you can use your Facebook account to follow the activity of other users without having to be friends with them. This is great for competitor research, journalism, finding content for your blog or following important figures in your industry.

The Facebook subscribe option has automatically become active on all UK Facebook accounts now. Users can decide who they want to allow to subscribe to their updates via their privacy settings. As a business, you should allow everyone to subscribe to your updates as this will help with brand awareness and your social media presence.

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