Terrible Adwords Mistakes

Terrible Adwords mistakes

Check Your Spellings When Writing Copy!

Anyone who knows anything about SEO will know that Google ad words can be a very effective tool for driving traffic to your site. A lot of emphasis on running Google ad words campaigns, for small businesses, is put on budget and return on investment. So for a small business trying to successfully run its own Google ad words campaign, there can be a lot to think about. Almost too much to think about that it can be easy to forget the very basics. We’ll be bringing you some examples of some fatal ad words mistakes for you to laugh, cry and gasp at to help you see that getting help with your Google ad words campaign is always a good idea.

Perhaps campaign managers are actively targeting misspelt keywords, however in the case of the top result on this ad panel relating to legal professionals, it seems that the message the ad portrays could be more damaging to the brand than the ad words campaign might be efficient. We certainly wouldn’t trust a “Solisitor” with our legal affairs….

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