Here at I Say! Digital we offer all the services you need to get your business or brand noticed across the internet. All of our services complement each other. We can put together a bespoke marketing package to suit your budget and your business, or if you prefer, each of our services can be purchased separately. Whatever you choose, you’ll see great results and benefit from a personable and professional service.

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Social Media Management

Word of mouth and personal recommendations have been one of the most persuasive forms of advertising for many years.  We show you how social media can work for your business, to build brand awareness, customer engagement and recommendations on a realistic budget. If your brand hasn’t gone social yet, there’s no time like the present. If you like, you can find out more about how social media affects SEO. We have experience with the major players like Facebook and Twitter, as well as emerging platforms like Pinterest and are always on the lookout for the newest ways to expand our clients’ reach.

Content Writing

Does your website look great, but sound terrible? Do your pictures speak louder than words? If you need a professional editor to cast their creative eye over your website content, then our Content Writing Service is for you. Let us tell your potential customers why they should buy in to your product or service. Adorn your website with useful and interesting information that gets the point across with a strong call to action. Content writing also includes product descriptions for e-commerce websites, sales letters and marketing emails.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you need help getting your new website noticed, climbing up the Google ranks or getting the visitors on board, then contact us to learn more about our search engine optimisation and link building service. We can cater for any type of site, no matter how old or new it is, and no matter your budget. If the big agencies have turned you down, we are here to help.

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Would you love to keep your customers informed and engaged, but don’t have the time of day? We can write engaging, thoroughly researched, on trend blog posts for your industry and make sure these get read. Contact us to learn more about how our blogging service can boost your customer base. We also specialise in affordable blog design and hosting using the uber-popular Wordpress blogging platform.