Our Brighton SEO Diary

If you follow us on Twitter, last Friday you will have received some very interesting tweets throughout the day and thought to yourself, ‘what the hell is going on in Brighton?’ Well, it was Brighton SEO, the largest SEO conference in the south and it allowed us a day to geek out about all things social media and SEO-related. So we packed our iPads, charged our smartphones and headed to the Brighton Dome for our company day trip out.


We saw a lot of great lectures from a wide variety of speakers from various fields and backgrounds; so, much like a sushi buffet (in which we partook at lunch), if you weren’t so fond of one thing, another came along soon after that you would prefer. David Trott kicked things off, speaking about predatory thinking when it came to content, which may have set the bar impossibly high for those to follow. Certainly, he seemed to be the firm favourite amongst our team. However, no one was at all “bad” or boring, and notes were made for each speaker. There were a few more speakers who talked about content, which piqued the interest of our writers who regularly work on copy-writing and link-building through articles for clients. At each break we came bounding out with new ideas for the future.

Content and Building Sites For Users

Linguist professor Lynne Murphy from the University of Sussex spoke about the Americanisation of British English which was an entertaining break from so much of the heavy content and provided much needed light relief with some international banter. The English student in me yelped in delight. Martin Belam’s talk on building websites for users and not search engines was a nice refresher for the team but very useful for the apprentice who has recently joined us.

Pinterest and The State of SEO

In the afternoon, we were blasted with several shorter clusters on a few more technical areas, where speakers showed off the apps and tools they had been busy creating, including one lecture by Danielle Fudge which intrigued us Pinterest-geeks quite a bit; she spoke about a great new tool her company had been working on to blow open the possibilities of Pinterest in an SEO campaign. We look forward to putting this one to the test. Jason Woodford’s speech to see things out was a rousing heap of praise for the work we do in such a tough economic landscape, noting how the SEO industry was actually booming compared to pretty much every other.

We had some fun and games onstage, including scooter races, egg wars and costumes, which followed on into the evening after-party; myself and Katie had a go on the sticky bouncy castle (which sounds a bit more dodgy than it actually is) and Ashley enjoyed the tokens for free ale. Though we were all a bit boring and left early, things were in full swing, with karaoke, retro games and various imported beers.

A great day all round. We got out off the office and learned a lot which will prepare us nicely for the future, and got our creative and analytical juices flowing. Following on from this, our clients are in for a treat! Maybe next time, I would like one or two more talks about social media but that’s just me; I understand that it infiltrates everyone’s lives on a daily basis and there was just so much to get through.

We just wanted to give Kelvin Newman a big well done on putting together a great conference, and we look forward to the next one.

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