I Say! Digital Featured on BBC and ITV

It’s all been very exciting in the last few days at the I Say! Digital offices, with our staff being featured in local media coverage regarding a recent Prince’s Trust poll. The poll found that more than half of 16-30 year olds think it’s harder than ever to find work.

Our very own boss Katie had an early start on BBC South East radio to be interviewed about the subject. While we would like to say that she was whisked off to the BBC Studios by private helicopter, we have to break it to you that interview took place in the back of the BBC Shop in Brighton (so that’s what they use those shops for, apparently).

After that, it was back to the office when ITV Meridian correspondent Malcolm Shaw arrived with a very cheerful cameraman. Darren from the Prince’s Trust was also present to oversee everything. The visitors also got to meet Roly, who is well on his way to becoming as famous as that dog from The Artist.

We proceeded with the filming which consisted of trying to act naturally whilst a camera hovered over our work, all the while speaking to each other very formally about business. The usual morning chatter about our weekend or music on the radio had to be put on the backburner!

To further ruin the magic of television for you, we shot some exteriors of Katie coming to work and then us greeting her as she came in, though we had already watched her being interviewed in the room beforehand. She was interviewed about her experience starting the business after previously being unable to find work, the Prince’s Trust and why what we do is important. Also present to be interviewed was one of our satisfied clients, Simon from First Person View, who came armed with an impressive model which we all would have had a go on if the weather was better and time wasn’t against us.

For now it’s back to work; all this star-gazing is getting a bit much.

You can see the report in full at the link below alongside some behind-the-scenes photos of filming:

Young People Struggling to Find Work

Interview with Simon

The interview begins

Roly on camera

An exterior shot

Katie being filmed up close

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