How We Use Social Media – Meeting The Team Part 2

Following on from the first entry, today we meet Aidah and I ask her about what she does at I Say! Digital and how she uses social media.

Hi Aidah, thanks for setting aside some time as I know you’re very busy. So, tell us what you do at I Say! Digital?

My position is that of SEO Executive and that can include a lot of different tasks. This includes wider, big picture things like developing and implementing SEO strategies or launching social media content, to smaller tasks which just have to be done and are essential, like keyword research, article writing and publishing, or client reporting.

And you enjoy it?

Absolutely! I spend a of time on different social platforms and I think it’s great that I can use my skills to help companies grow their business by acquiring more clients online.

What social networks do you use? Do you have a favourite?

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest mainly. Facebook is probably my favourite; I use it mainly to keep in contact with my family and friends in France. I’ve never really thought about which one is my favourite too much but that tends to be the one I use most. I’m also on LinkedIn but really ought to check it more often than I do. Just today I received a message from an old university friend who works in Scotland now; he saw from my profile that I work here and suggested working on something together, so I’ve replied back so to see where it goes.

Your thoughts on Social Media in general?

I like everything about Social Media as it allows everybody to express themselves and connect with other people. For companies, like those we work with, it is the best to be closer to their clients, know what they’re thinking, and therefore provide them better services or products.
You can express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction directly with a company where everyone can see. For instance, you can connect with a favourite author, find out more about them or their influences, their future projects, what makes them tick etc.

How do you see social media changing in the future?

I think that social media has become so powerful that if your business is not active on these platforms there’s no way you can compete within your market; they’re probably on them anyway so you need to be active on them just to remain competitive or be seen. In the future, those who choose to not at least try Facebook or Twitter to see if it works for them will find it very difficult to remain in the game.

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