How to find Interesting News for your Business Blog

If you write your own business blog, you may struggle sometimes to stay inspired. Writing about the same thing regularly can lead to a little writer’s block. But blogging doesn’t always have to be about you, or your business. Take inspiration from the world around you. What’s happening in your area, your industry or to your customers?

Commenting on relevant news stories in your blog shows that you are in touch with the world. It also gives you interesting material to talk about, particularly if your products and services haven’t changed for a while. The trends online and world news changes every minute of everyday, so there’s always something interesting to write about!

We have found some interesting ways to fuel news stories for our own blog.


Our favourite search on Alltop is for social media news. Click through to this search and you’ll find hundreds of recent blog posts from authority sites. If that doesn’t give you some sort of inspiration then perhaps writing’s not your thing. A summary or list of the best news stories from the industry this week could be enough to provide your readers with something worthwhile when you’ve run out of things to write about. Just remember to always credit the original creator of the news story with a link back to their site or the story.

Alltop is great for searching news stories, can be customised to your own interests and covers pretty much everything.

Google Alerts

Another handy way to prompt you to blog is to sign up for a Google Alert. This is great for niche topics. You can set up a Google alert for any phrase, and receive an email whenever new content containing this phrase is indexed by Google. If your phrase is too specific you may find that your news is delivered only sporadically, if ever. If you just want to know about general things such as a sporting event, this is a great way of keeping track of it for your readers.

Professional Blog Writing help

If you have an idea about what you want to write about on your blog but can’t quite put it all together, then we’re here to help. Our blogging service is here for businesses that don’t have time to blog but know how valuable blogging for driving visitors to your website.We put together daily, weekly, and monthly blog posts for many different clients and can write interesting content for any industry. If you’re OK with the writing but just stuck for ideas, we can put together a content calendar for you to follow on a monthly or quarterly basis in line with seasonal and internet trends.

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