I/O 2012: Google+ Updates

While I’m not so intrigued by actual device developments, news coming out of I/O about changes to G+ piqued my interest. Though I have been making more of an effort, I am still well in the blue camp of Facebook, and have yet to jump feet first into the G+ camp whereby it becomes a daily ritual. I do intend to do so, but what has prevented this is a feeling that not enough of my friends are on it yet, and that it has (up till now) been missing some of the key aspects that make up Facebook.

G+ Events

But now this seems to have been rectified with the advent of G+ Events; a glaring absence from Google’s social network when compared to Facebook. Events basically does the same thing as its competitor, though invitations and pages can be personalised including videos from YouTube being added. This is a great idea e.g. for film-viewings where a trailer can be linked to or embedded. They will also be marked in your Google calender which is handy.

Party Mode

Party Mode takes enhance the experience further. For instance, how many of us have been waiting for ages for the person who brought the camera to last week’s party to upload photos? Yes, it can be a bit frustrating waiting to see how bad some of those photos are.

Now with Party Mode, photos and videos can be taken and uploaded to the Event page directly from a mobile device, as they are taken on the same day or night (probably a better idea early on in the evening when you can use your phone without mashing all the buttons). It also means that anyone on the fence about attending can see what kind of fun they’re missing. Along with a “thanks for attending” message after the event, the facility to upload while an event is in progress means everyone at that event can connect a bit more easily. Now, the girl you gazed at from the other end of the room can find you online and you can begin your epic love story easily. This brings a whole new sense of immediacy to the recording of good times with friends, and the removal of horrible photos can begin a lot more sooner.

G+ History

G+ are also looking at the fact that much in terms of user-uploaded content is bound up in users’ Facebook accounts because the latter has been around longer. Google are introducing G+ History, whereby statuses, posts and photos from the past on other social networks can be shared on G+ in users’ present feed. So get ready to reminisce with pals about old times, and expect some dodgy haircuts to show themselves again.


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