Facebook To Introduce a Want Button

Facebook are looking to introduce a ‘Want’ button.

Though you wouldn’t be able to do this on a site other than on Facebook itself, in the same way that you might be able to ‘like’ an article you’ve just read, it is a rather interesting development as to the direction where Facebook is heading in. Let’s look at the possibilities:


It’s not been a great year for Facebook, with a huge chunk being knocked off the value of the company since their IPO. Facebook as a means of advertising is now being seen in a different light since the revelation that a large number of their profiles are in fact fake or inactive. Introducing a Want button would encourage the posting and sharing of content that would be related to products you can buy, adding a new appeal to Facebook as a place to share what you really want.


We do love Pinterest at our office; both to view pictures of funky interior designs, and to benefit clients and their products and business. The Want button would be a move towards making Facebook less focused on user-to-user interaction, but instead as a place to simply hang out (if I can steal a phrase from Google’s lexicon) and consume content. Pinterest for example, is not so focused on our followers but about the content which pops up on your feed. More people are realising just how much time can be spent on a site like Pinterest (which has potential for advertising revenue) which doesn’t rely on chatting to friends or relationships.

Amazon Wish List

For those who don’t know what an Amazon Wish List is, it’s basically a publicly-viewable list of things you would like people to buy for you, which people can, if they like you, take you up on. A lot of minor celebrities or self-sufficient, fledgling figures who aren’t on massive salaries sign up to this, so enthusiastic fans can show their adoration for them. With Christmas approaching, and things like birthdays, you can get an idea of what a family member or friend might like to receive as a gift with the Want button.


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