Why an Active Social Media Presence is Important For Businesses

We’ve already discussed on our site the benefits of social media as well as the services we can provide, but the question came up several times recently. Last Friday, Katie and I attended a networking event in Lewes with the First Friday Network to meet local business owners in the East Sussex area and see if anyone was in need of our wonderful services. As usual, though fortunately for us, there were several people who owned their own businesses and yet were not on Facebook and Twitter; or what we like to call, the social biggies.

Most squeezed their shoulders in, cringing as if they were thinking of a big spider crawling onto them while they were asleep. ‘Oh I stay away from that’, or ‘my kids have it, but I just don’t have the time’, were two popular responses when we asked them why they didn’t have an active social media presence. It is perfectly understandable for many traditional individuals, but being surrounded by these networks every day, it still comes as a surprise when we encounter an outsider who consciously avoids Facebook and Twitter to expand their reach. We spoke to Leon Banks of Elbee Services, who informed us many of those he worked with found a majority of their clients through their Facebook, rather than their site.

How Customers Can Find You On Twitter

The other reasons for discounting social media that come up is that they don’t see how their business can be benefited by Facebook, or simply they aren’t good with computers and technology (someone else does that for them). In the case of the former, we explained that with the two biggies, it’s simply about going to where people are, and where they can be exposed to what you offer. For example, if someone posts a rant on Twitter about struggling to find a trustworthy estate agent, we would likely come across that when searching for “#EstateAgents” as part of our daily tasks, and get in contact with them to refer them to our client’s site.

Becoming an Authoritative Source

When people come across your website out of hundreds in the same field, they need some indicator that you know what you’re talking about. Testimonials can work well but if everyone has them, then what’s the point? People will be much more likely to take you up on your services if it’s clear that you’re passionate about your area or niche; that you spend extra hours working or reading about the latest changes and news in that area. If you can prove yourself as to be an authoritative source, people will care about your opinion and that is when you can offer your services. As part of our social media and copy-writing services particularly, we can regularly update both your site and social media accounts so you’re involved in the kinds of conversations where the most eyes are and demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to what you do. Through info-graphics and videos, you can quickly educate amateurs to your field who have no knowledge about your kind of work. If you have especially creative, funny or moving content that appeals to a wider audience, then it can even go viral and spread quickly through forwarding in emails or sharing through social media; and when people view it, they’ll see your logo and how to contact you.

How Social Media Is Good For Your Brand

Having active social media accounts, whether just Facebook or Twitter, or more cutting-edge platforms such as Pinterest, allows you to show the world that you’re anything but archaic and old-hat. In fact, social media usage can demonstrate that you’re relevant to the changing needs of today’s customers. Sometimes you can just pop in to make a comment about a recent world or sporting event, and to let people know you exist. In this way, social media should not be seen as a fad but a useful device to carry out PR. We can’t comment on where these specific social media platforms will be in 10 years time, but we can say that we’ll be there with the expertise to keep you in the game, whatever that game will be.

We are currently offering a Free Twitter For Business – Beginners Course for anyone who wants to learn how to use Twitter themselves, beginning with the basics, and moving up to more advanced options. This session would be of huge benefit to those who want to take the reins for the social media for their business or organisation themselves and learn from a real person who deals with the accounts for various clients from different fields. Hugely beneficial for your business and a good opportunity to network with others in the area. Plus, it’s completely free!

The Business of Training Courses

Things are always busy here at I Say! Digital; between providing our current clients with the best service possible with all their concerns and queries regarding their campaigns, as well as dealing with new requests from businesses wishing to tweak, overhaul or completely introduce them to digital marketing strategies, it is a wonder that we get some time in for a tea break while looking of cute pictures of cats online.

However, we have added another string to our rather large bow, by partnering up with the Digital Marketing Mentor to bring to the South coast EXCLUSIVELY, a BTEC Qualification in Social Media for Business. It is assessed by Edexcel and is strong step in the right direction in creating opportunities for yourself in the industry of digital marketing. All information can be found on the training courses page of our site, found here.

How to Use Social Networks to Build an Audience

Social networks are very influential platforms in seeking publicity are creating a vast audience. Social networks are most useful to business organizations who want to attract a huge audience in order to advertise and market their products and services quite easily.

However, the use of social networks in creating an audience does not only stop at the business organizations, celebrities and various personalities in general are using the social media in various ways. It has to be understood that the social networks are only most effective, when one has a considerable amount of audience; otherwise there would be no one to communicate to. This article describes how to use social networks for make audience.

1. The first step to take is to obviously sign up with the social networks of your choice. It is essential to consider signing up with the most popular of the social networks. The internet has seen several developers create numerous social networks; some have made a massive impact, while others have collapsed just as silently as they crept online. Facebook and twitter are the two biggest social networks with millions of members from all over the world. This gargantuan membership provides a good potential to pull a reasonable audience from it. It is indeed pointless to sign up with a social network that only boasts of few thousands of members as it would be a waste of time.

2. Creativity is vital. Signing up with the social networks alone is not sufficient. Developing strategies that will help to attract an audience into your pages in these social networks is the ultimate bridge towards realising your goal. Inviting members and making interesting posts is quite significant. Because your presence in these social networks is among thousands of other organisations and personalities, creating and advertisement in the local and international media to popularize your social network identities is crucial.

Although these advertisements may prove to be costly, it is still beneficial in the long run as it helps to attract an enormous audience towards your social networks identities. Actually, some of the social networks offer advertisement platforms, where upon advertising with the particular social network, your identity is prioritised among others and is displayed to the millions of its members across the globe, thereby increasing your chances of gaining a vast population of an audience.

3. Applying photo sharing platforms like Flicker and Instagram that are incorporated into the social networks also serves almost equally as posting constant interesting updates on your social networks’ page. A famous saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. True to this saying, pictures are always captivating and interesting, and are more poised to capture the attention of many people as a barely written post would do. Always remember that your main aim is to build a strong audience, and using any acceptable strategy to achieve this feat does not harm.

4. These tips on how to use social networks for make audience are remarkably vital in achieving an audience that can possibly run into several thousands of people or even millions if applied wisely. Besides, it all comes down to your will and determination to achieve whatever you want to.

Ludwing Hernandez is an experienced blogger, Community Manager at Mezee free chat network. Follow Ludwing on Twitter @Mezeeme.

Exciting work with The Princes Trust : April

As part of my desire to help within the local community, I pay a visit to The Princes Trust Enterprise course each month to give and inspirational talk about how I started I Say! from home, and to carry out some training on social media for small businesses. Each month I see a fantastic new group of budding entrepreneurs that really reminds me of how passionate I feel about helping sole traders and small businesses to suceed in their marketing.

Yesterday I met a really diverse group, including a magician, a window cleaner, a guitar teacher and some fashionistas to name a few! Each time I deliver the course, which I do very informally, I always find the conversation steers in a different way depending on the delegates level of experience using Facebook and Twitter, Blogging and using Pinterest, and of course based on their business ideas.

This month we talked a lot about using Twitter for start ups, and many of the group also wanted to know the best platform to start a new blog or completly new website on. Of course we talked about WordPress which I strongly recommended to all our clients for its simplicity and very many useful plug-ins. I then realised that I could fill a whole hour on the benefits of WordPress alone. I would love to spend a whole day with the group discussing their online marketing ideas as they are always so enthusiatic about learning, and have such great ideas for their websites and blogs.

We touched on SEO a little, and as usual many of the group were surprised to hear that new websites don’t just magically appear in the search results. I did however furnish them with a few tips to get started on their own SEO for free in their spare time, as well as some top tips for Tweeting. And naturally I have asked for all of the groups’ Twitter addresses so that I can add them to my next #FF! (Follow Friday) I also encourage everyone to read our blog here for continuing tips on using social media for business and SEO>

I also always try to stay in touch with the members of the group that want to, because it’s great to see how they develop their ideas over time.







The Social Media M.O.T

 I Say! Digital offer a unique service for sole traders, small businesses and marketing managers who are new to or struggling with social media. Our special Social Media MOT is an affordable audit of your use of social media for driving leads and sales within your business. For a one off fee, we take a look at all of your social media accounts and revamp them where necessary to create more engaging branded profiles and pages. If there is no social media in place in your business, we will get the ball rolling and set you up with everything you need to get social.

Our Social Media MOT looks under the bonnet of your:

social media mot

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Tumblr

We also provide you with an on-going strategy that will improve your social media output well beyond the MOT. And just like a vehicle MOT, we recommend you get your social media serviced at least once a year, particularly as social platforms are constantly evolving and expanding their features. If you can’t wait a year and require ongoing support, we’re here to help with that too for a small monthly fee. Businesses taking advantage of our special Social Media MOTs typically see a 10 – 20% increase in sales immediately.

Buy our Social Media MOT now for just £79, and you’ll also get free access to our weekly SEO and Social Media cheat sheets.



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