Slow and Steady Wins the Race: The Road to Olympic and SEO Gold

Many prospective clients we speak with come to us seeking immediate results with a turn of a knob here and tweak there. Though Seach Engine Optimisation is our bread and butter, it is an industry that is constantly changing, and adapting to that change is part of our job on behalf of our clients to keep them in the game against their competitors. So unfortunately the implementation of SEO services is not as simple as doing a specific set of actions for a client and cashing their cheque without a second thought; it requires careful testing and re-testing, evaluating the needs of their customers as well as close discussion with the client themselves. Just as we expect that our clients treat each and every one of their customers as individual and unique consumers, we treat all of our clients differently.

So one must not expect SEO to be an added on feature to boost one’s business; something that can be bought or tacked on to give a quick boost. Yes, you may obtain some brief success but that is all it will be; brief, and I can’t overstate the temporary nature of that success enough. SEO must not be ‘turned off’ when you see that your website traffic is up; it is integral in seriously redirecting focus and initiative towards exploring new goals, markets, and avenues of income.

I thought I would bang you over the head once more with something Olympic-themed to explain the long-term game. Watching press clips of various athletes speaking of how they have trained for years and years, their whole lives building to these few weeks, brought to mind the steady process required for your business to properly reap the full rewards.

We have many enquiries who expect the world immediately though they do not recognise that this requires a long-term relationship. That is why usually, I Say! Digital will offer initial services that are smaller and cheaper so as not to falsely present clients with promises of the impossible. Then once we can prove that we can make a difference, we can move forward and discuss additional services.

Business is all about the here-and-now. What does it matter if you were doing well this time five years ago, if you’re close to failure now? Similarly, no athlete wants to peak too early whether in their career, or in one race; effort and conditioning is preserved for when it really matters; when everyone is watching and when most is at stake. No business wants to do well temporarily and then simply fall away like a runner who trails further and further behind having at one time led the pack. The bigger the mountain, the greater the victory.

Why doesn’t a track-runner just strap a rocket to their back? The SEO equivalent is obvious keyword-stuffing on a site; and seeing someone get away with it while you’re doing the right things can be a bitter pill to swallow. Some of the more sneakier, covert tactics like hiding text on your site by disguising it as the same colour as your background are more along the lines of performance-enhancing drugs, which don’t show up on the surface as clearly. While these black hat tactics are promised and utilised by some agencies, Google will see this and (if not immediately) will penalise you. Stigmas related to quick fixes or cheats in the sporting world can ruin a reputation, and the same can be said for black hat techniques for businesses who risk ruining their own image by taking on the wrong SEO agency.

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Cloud Computing for Small Business

Many business owners will definitely agree that cloud computing has greatly revolutionised the manner in which data is stored in today’s business environment. With the latest launch of Australia’s Ninefold SMB Cloud Drive, cloud computing for small businesses is set to propel to another greater level. This development presents numerous opportunities in technology solutions for small businesses. Rather than having hardware and software on site, cloud computing enables the business to have both hardware and software in cyberspace. There are numerous benefits of cloud computing for small businesses, and entrepreneurs can now be relieved of the burden and cost of installing servers and downloading software in the office. All these and even more can be handled by a cloud computing provider.

The first benefit that a small business can realise by integrating cloud computing services in their business model is economy. Cloud computing enables the business to save money by minimising start-up costs as there is no need to acquire and install expensive hardware or software. Cloud computing solutions or services are basically provided on a subscription basis. This enables the business owner to be in a better position to predict the upfront, as well as the ongoing, costs. In addition, the subscription is inclusive of automatic system upgrade and maintenance costs, including system support.

Another benefit of cloud computing for small businesses is increased productivity. Because the entire firm’s data is stored in the cloud, it is possible to access it from anywhere provided there is a browser and an internet connection. This saves the business owner valuable time so that he/she can concentrate on production as he/she can access the performance indicators and review customer details while on the move.

Cloud computing also makes it easier for the small business owner to manage the business’ financials. The cloud enables a business owner to track the financial data of his/her firm more effectively which is a leading best practice for a firm’s success. With cloud financials, the business owner is able to digitise paper-based procedures such as paying bills, and submitting and tracking invoices. This can save a lot of time because the owner can pay vendors by a single click. In addition, the business owner is able to undertake a quick review of the account’s history, as well as synchronise the financial data with accounting software such as QuickBooks. Invoicing through the cloud also makes it easier for the business owner to develop personalized invoices that can be sent electronically.

Cloud based operations offer more safety or security for the business’ information systems than operating applications on desktops or internal networks. Cloud computing service providers invest heavily on physical and network security, and they conduct regular updates of the system to ensure all applications are running on the latest updates. They also offer better data back up and replication services on numerous data centers to ensure that the business operates with minimal interruptions.
Natasha is a writer for Ninefold ( who provides cloud computing for small businesses that have between 1 and 100 users with the best opportunity to store, access, as well as share data in a locally secure and easily accessible fashion.

Tips to improve e-commerce

In the past ten years, there has been a tremendous advancement in technology and a lot of people are now using cell phones to take care of their daily activities.

If in the beginning the cell phone was used only to contact family and friends, the market is not very diverse and a lot of people use the cell phones for a lot of other things. In fact, there are around 5 billion cell phone users right now, which means that almost every person in the world has one. In addition, there are around 2. 5 billion people that use SMS or short message service to contact their friends easily and very fast.

SMS did not appear on the market for long, but even since the beginning it has had a lot of success. In our days, everyone knows how to send and receive an SMS. In most cases, teenagers and young people are very skilled in writing one. You won’t believe how incredibly fast they can type. But even if these messages are usually used for chatting, they are also a goldmine in eCommerce business, because now you can use simple, personal and short messages to improve your business and let everyone know who you are. Below you can find a few very simple tips on how you can do this and improve your mobile marketing skills.

Make It Fun

First of all, there is no point to try it if you can’t come up with something fun. You don’t want to turn this into a hassle, and remember, the point is to put a smile on your customer’s face and at the same time provide some useful information. We spend a lot of our time waiting, and that’s why cell phones are so important. So keep your offer entertaining and always make the information useful and with a sense of urgency.

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind that the cell phones are no longer used only for talking and texting other people. Cell phone users use them on a regular basis for other activities, like banking transactions, finding out what the weather will be like, GPS instructions and many other things. So keep the messages simple and useful.

Free and Useful

Another great way to get their attention is to offer something valuable that is also free. For instance, you could offer access to certain information they might be interested in, like a local event that will take place in the near future or different coupons to make him more eager to participate.

This article has been written by Paul who is a contributor for where you can find some useful information on choosing your host.

I Say! are Members of the Federation of Small Businesses

After announcing our local membership to Wired Sussex, the place for all things Digital, we have gone one step further and gone national with membership to the Federation of Small Businesses. Not only does membership give us a super new car sticker and one for the office window too, a snazzy logo on our website to add to our collection and the chance to mingle over coffee and curries at networking events, but it also makes us part of a long established and prestigious organisation that features some of the best small businesses in the country.

This is a step in the right direction for I Say! Digital as we look to become established within the Sussex community as part of our mission to help small businesses and start-ups flourish via the power of the internet.

Along with absolutely heaps of benefits that far outweigh the annual membership fee, the FSB is an institution of quality and integrity.

You can find out more about the FSB here.

Exciting work with The Princes Trust : April

As part of my desire to help within the local community, I pay a visit to The Princes Trust Enterprise course each month to give and inspirational talk about how I started I Say! from home, and to carry out some training on social media for small businesses. Each month I see a fantastic new group of budding entrepreneurs that really reminds me of how passionate I feel about helping sole traders and small businesses to suceed in their marketing.

Yesterday I met a really diverse group, including a magician, a window cleaner, a guitar teacher and some fashionistas to name a few! Each time I deliver the course, which I do very informally, I always find the conversation steers in a different way depending on the delegates level of experience using Facebook and Twitter, Blogging and using Pinterest, and of course based on their business ideas.

This month we talked a lot about using Twitter for start ups, and many of the group also wanted to know the best platform to start a new blog or completly new website on. Of course we talked about WordPress which I strongly recommended to all our clients for its simplicity and very many useful plug-ins. I then realised that I could fill a whole hour on the benefits of WordPress alone. I would love to spend a whole day with the group discussing their online marketing ideas as they are always so enthusiatic about learning, and have such great ideas for their websites and blogs.

We touched on SEO a little, and as usual many of the group were surprised to hear that new websites don’t just magically appear in the search results. I did however furnish them with a few tips to get started on their own SEO for free in their spare time, as well as some top tips for Tweeting. And naturally I have asked for all of the groups’ Twitter addresses so that I can add them to my next #FF! (Follow Friday) I also encourage everyone to read our blog here for continuing tips on using social media for business and SEO>

I also always try to stay in touch with the members of the group that want to, because it’s great to see how they develop their ideas over time.







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