How to Write an Effective Business Blog

It seems that Clark Kent won’t be requiring a telephone box to change into his superhero get-up for much longer.

It has been revealed that Superman’s real-life persona will quit his renowned job as a reporter at the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis, in an upcoming issue.  The Man of Steel tells his colleague Lois Lane that ‘times are changing and print is a dying medium'; a reflection of the rise of digital sources for relevant and credible news over the traditional newspaper. The writer who has penned this latest storyline has hinted that Clark may even end up writing his own blog from home.

Print is dying, with more consumers finding their news through alternative means, and many media agencies and networks making this transition. People simply will not wait till something is published hours after an event. They also want to hear from specialists in a field or niche; not a pretty face (as lovely as Lois Lane is). They don’t want some form of spun content that anyone with Wikipedia open could put together either. And just as you can count on Superman to appear the moment trouble occurs, we want this content consistently and regularly.

Even when incredibly busy with clients, we like to take some time out and blog about something relevant to what one of us is currently working on. It can be quite relaxing to geek-out on something intriguing we’ve come across or something we’ve noticed while working on a project. Teaching is often the best way to learn, after all. Just like any business, if you can demonstrate expertise and a passion for a field or service, people will seek your opinions. They’ll care that you care enough to write, and before you know it, you have an audience to convert into customers. Your personality can shine through in your writing, both in style and content.

There is a right and a wrong way to blog for business or personal reasons. Will Clark’s hits soar higher than he could with his cape? Or will blogging get the better of him in ways that Lex Luthor could only dream? Will you be a superhero when it comes to blogging?


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