Here at I Say! Digital Ltd we are a happy team with extreme enthusiasm for all things digital. We have a broad range of experience, all hold a degree in something or other and love each day we come to work in the sunny seaside town of Saltdean. One of our favourite things to do is meet new people, so if you’re ever in the area, give us a ring and drop in for a cup of tea.


In 2011, Katie set up I Say! Promotions with just her laptop and a comfy sofa at home. Katie has worked hard to grow her online portfolio of work and a legacy of happy clients to create the business that is now known as I Say! Digital. Katie is also known to many as Lara, an old University nickname and pen name that has followed her in to her professional work.

If you are looking for some advice, mentoring, a quick quote or a full proposal, call Katie asap.

Katie’s expertise lies in Social Media Management, Google Analytics and Copywriting. As well as writing her own blog for fun, Katie enjoys nothing more than planning strategies and writing for clients to make the most of her creative side. She’s also a total WordPress geek and is learning CSS.

Katie has featured on television a few times, spoken at President Clinton’s Gala Dinner and been Shorlisted for Sussex Business Person of the Year. Not bad for a newbie entrepreneur.

For those of you that know Katie as Lara, you will know her for her friendly approach and vast array of knowledge about pretty much anything on-line. She is the customer facing contact for our business and makes sure everything runs smoo

thly for our clients. If you’re not sure what to call our split personalitied director, she prefers Kate. Her favourite biscuit is Oreo.



TJ joined us in 2012 as a copywriter and is developing his skillset rapidly. He is the speediest typist in the West and his quality of work is outstanding. TJ writes our clients’ press releases, web copy and social media posts with relish and a broad vocabulary. His law degree also helps us to write informed terms and conditions. TJ contributes regularly to the I Say! Digital blog and takes on a few guest spots in the tech niche. In his spare time, he enjoys brewing his own beer, debating politics, and watching sci-fi. His biscuit of choice is the ginger cream.



Joining us whilst he studies a degree in Business Studies, Ashley is contributing to the business in many different ways – not least by leading our ad hoc office yoga sessions when things get a little tense! Ash takes care of our Project Management to make sure everything’s delivered on time and our reports are super informative. Ashley loves learning about the digital world and is keen to know all there is to know about Digital Marketing. He wouldn’t tell us his favourite biscuit because he likes to keep fit – but we’ll go with jammy dodger.



Roly is our resident puppy and time waster. When he’s not asleep on someone’s feet, Roly likes to keep check on us to make sure all of our SEO techniques are ethical and white hat. With doleful puppy dog eyes like his, we dare not upset him! Roly would like to eat any sort of biscuit available, but for now he’s only allowed a Bonio.