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In the past ten years, there has been a tremendous advancement in technology and a lot of people are now using cell phones to take care of their daily activities.

If in the beginning the cell phone was used only to contact family and friends, the market is not very diverse and a lot of people use the cell phones for a lot of other things. In fact, there are around 5 billion cell phone users right now, which means that almost every person in the world has one. In addition, there are around 2. 5 billion people that use SMS or short message service to contact their friends easily and very fast.

SMS did not appear on the market for long, but even since the beginning it has had a lot of success. In our days, everyone knows how to send and receive an SMS. In most cases, teenagers and young people are very skilled in writing one. You won’t believe how incredibly fast they can type. But even if these messages are usually used for chatting, they are also a goldmine in eCommerce business, because now you can use simple, personal and short messages to improve your business and let everyone know who you are. Below you can find a few very simple tips on how you can do this and improve your mobile marketing skills.

Make It Fun

First of all, there is no point to try it if you can’t come up with something fun. You don’t want to turn this into a hassle, and remember, the point is to put a smile on your customer’s face and at the same time provide some useful information. We spend a lot of our time waiting, and that’s why cell phones are so important. So keep your offer entertaining and always make the information useful and with a sense of urgency.

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind that the cell phones are no longer used only for talking and texting other people. Cell phone users use them on a regular basis for other activities, like banking transactions, finding out what the weather will be like, GPS instructions and many other things. So keep the messages simple and useful.

Free and Useful

Another great way to get their attention is to offer something valuable that is also free. For instance, you could offer access to certain information they might be interested in, like a local event that will take place in the near future or different coupons to make him more eager to participate.

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